Be Their Valentine

Be Their Valentine

Between putting together 20+ Valentine’s for your son’s whole class, making sure your daughter has an all pink outfit put together to match her friends, and confirming plans with your own significant other it might seem like your Valentine’s Day is busy enough!  What we always forget to emphasize is the love between a parent and child. At CR Toys, we believe that family love should not be forgotten and want to make picking up something special for your littles as easy as 1-2-3!

Bright Valentine with crayon cards in the background

Step 1: Find your fun!

If homemade Valentines and the arts are your child's calling, look no further than our Kwik Stix!  They come with every color to make your Valentine better and brighter than all the rest.  Hearts of Attraction is a game that will really draw you together, literally!  Heart-shaped magnet fun for that special one.  And don't forget about Sapphiro where you can let your love sparkle like jewels with this great family game!

Heart of Attraction game

Step 2: Get your goods!

CR Toys has now made it easier than ever to get your goods!  Want to see our bright, smiling faces and run other errands at Hilltop Mall?  Come in store!  What if you have about a million other things to do but none of them involve going into the mall?  Don’t worry about unpacking the kids an extra time, you can order online, choose ‘Curbside Pickup’, and we will deliver your order directly to your car!  Are you a pajama-holic?  Our online ordering with flat-rate shipping is for you, delights right to your door.

Want your item gift-wrapped but ran out of paper two gifts too early at Christmas? Not a problem!  We buy rolls in bulk and are happy to wrap your gift for FREE!

Step 3:  Spread the love!

Want to kick up the fun a notch?  Put together a scavenger hunt leading to the discovery of a secret surprise.  Distract them from the onslaught of sugar by giving them a gift when they get home from school!  

No matter how you choose to spread the love, we just want you to do it!  While we would love to have you celebrate with a new gift or toy for your child, CR Toys wants to encourage keeping family love at the forefront of this holiday.  Make sure your child knows that no matter what, they always have a Valentine in you.

So, this year, take the time and be their Valentine.

-The Whole CR Toys Family