Demo Paradox Box

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This was a demo item. There is no box.

Do you have a genius mind? Is your I.Q. ranked somewhere in the Steven Hawking range? Is astrophysics the equivalent of a walk in the park for your brain?

Then, just maybe, you might be able to solve the Paradox Box.

Drop the shiny metal sphere into the box's slot and then wave goodbye - You may never see it again.

As you flip, turn, and tilt the whole thing, you can hear the sphere clicking and clacking this way and that way. But which way is it really going?

Up? Down? Left? Right? Is it even in there at all anymore? *Click, clack, click, clack* - Well, at least we know one factor...

Keep exploring, listening, observing, and thinking to see if you have what it takes to discover the secret. (We'll never tell!)

Or, - Who knows? - Your next move just might release the marble!

Delightfully confusing and beautifully baffling, the Paradox Box is an ideal subject for your next mental Mount Everest.

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