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Shortened & Twisted Rules

Players use letters on beans to make words. The player that uses the most beans to make words wins! 

Only the TWISTIES, special YELLOW lettetrs, are twistable and may double or triple as other letters. Example: m=w=e when twisted. 

Spill the beans! Some beans will remain face down. Pat beans down so no beans are on top of others. Each player pulls 2 light colored, blank beans from the pile. Blanks can be used to represent ANY letter. Toss all extra, light colored beans in the bag. 

All players race to shout out, then grab any word they can make, by looking at only letters on face up beans. At any time, players may first shout out a change to an opposing players' word and then take it by adding, rearranging, or twisting letters. 

Any player can call out "Flip" at any time, and if all agree, each player flips 2 facedown beans over. The first player that makes OR takes any word after the final flip must shout "JABUKA" and the game ends. Players count all the beans used in their words. The player that used the most beans wins! 

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