Super Stadium Baseball Game

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Step up to the plate and get ready to play!

Launching levers and hidden contraptions make this miniature baseball game a real crowd-pleaser!

Pull back the pitching lever to send the pitch. Pull it gently for a soft pitch, or launch the metal marble at high speed with a quick pull and release. A dual lever allows for a variety of breaking balls or fast balls.

Batter ready? Swing away by pulling the batting lever to hit the ball.

Even if you typically bat 500, you're in for a challenge. A platform beneath the bat falls away at random. Strike one! When you successfully get a hit, a hidden magnet encased beneath the infield may pull the ball in another direction - just like the prevailing winds at a real ballpark!

Your opponent strategically positions the outfielders. Check the number inside the ball's final landing position to see how far your batter made it. Is it a single, double, triple, or fly out? No, it's a home run!

Keep track of balls, strikes, and outs with pins on the side of the field. Better use the score pad to record points per inning. It's going to be a tight game!

Fun if you play alone, exciting against an opponent, built to last, and designed to thrill, the Super Stadium Baseball Game has all the bases covered.