Upshot Bow

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Product Features

Introducing a brand new, virtual way to game that puts you in the middle of the action! For hardcore and even casual gamers, life can be one big video game. It’s no secret that augmented reality (AR) has dominated today’s gaming landscape. The Upshot Bow & Arrow, sets the stage for gamers to be placed hunting in a jungle, exploring in a fantasy world, in a forest targeting ducks, and various other thrilling scenarios that test your accuracy and skill. You’ll be able to access various real world maps and locations as the backdrop, sprinkling in colorful creatures, engaging plots and epic quests!

  • Universal Mobile Phone Holster
  • 2x Dedicated Applications
  • Portable and Collapsible
  • Lite, Stealth Design 
Product Details

  • Recommended Age 8+
  • Batteries Requires 2 X AAA

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